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Physical Activity – The Single best Medicine

Do you want more energy, better sleep and an improved sense of wellbeing? If yes then read on…

Modern life means that many people sit down for most of the day. Two out of every five adults in the UK are physically inactive. In fact the average person in Scotland spends twice as much time on the toilet each week as they do exercising!

We now know that lack of exercise is very harmful and increases our chances of developing lots of diseases and sadly, early death.  This is because physical inactivity results in bad fat (called visceral fat) building up.This in turn causes our body’s immune system to become overactive resulting in chronic inflammation which is the driver of future disease. So becoming active reduces the bad fat, reduces inflammation and reduces the chance of developing future disease.

Even doing 10 minutes a day gives a huge benefit.

So, if we spent 30 minutes a day walking (or any form of exercise) we get:-

  • An improved quality of life
  • Reduced premature death and depression
  • More energy, better sleep and reduced chronic pain

So if exercise was a drug then everyone would be prescribed it. It has been called the miracle cure for good reason!